Monday, March 10, 2008

February 15 Focus Christian Ministry in Prostitution

Unite Adelaide with Christian minister Paullette Cairns from Rahab.

Christian Ministry Rahab reaches out to prostitutes caught in the lifestyle of drugs, poverty, abuse and deprivation.

Paullette shared her testimony & calling to the ministry and encouraged us to become ministers to God's people by use of our gifts & talents and passions.

She told us stories about women who she ministered to- many of which said "they were fine and didn't need help." Paullette said that within a year the same women were drug addicts, had lost their family, children and everything. She said that their ministry is the only loving presence in the lives of these women; but often it is too late to pick up the pieces because the industry is so violently destructive.

Never-the-less they continue to work every Friday night on the street, bringing the women food, chocolates & gifts whilst introducing themselves and offering a hand in times of need. They do not directly oppose the sex industry because then they would not be allowed in the brothels. Rahab members sit with the women before and after jobs and every so often help some out of the vicious cycle. Paullette said that if they spoke out against the trade then they would have no effect on the women's personal lives.

Paullette witnesses to Jesus' presence in the lives of His precious souls- just as He reached out and touched Mary Magdalen whilst discarding the views and judgements of society, He saved a soul by reaching into it with great personal love, compassion and mercy.

Thank you Paullette and the Rahab women for sharing your Good News story with us and bringing the Light of Christ into many lives so entrenched in bitter darkness.

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